Our beautiful Allegra furniture is imported with the finest quality materials and finishes. We supply a vast range of stylish equipment tailored to suit a variety of salon styles and preferences, from workstations and trolleys to salon chairs and shampoo units.

Allegra brings style, comfort & choices straight to your salon door. Make your dream salon a reality and shop our extensive range of furniture and equipment, delivered Australia wide.

Popular Allegra products

Salon Simulations

Patrick Chair & Luna Workstation

Mix luxe with minimalism with this dynamic pair. Communicate glamour through metallic accents of the Luna workstation on a dark background and prioritise simplicity and elegance with our clean-cut, neutral Patrick chair. This look uses the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space for individual relaxation and reflection.

Ariana Chair & Juno Workstation

Invest in a more Industrial interior style with the Juno Workstation and Ariana chair. Embrace the raw, organic wooden notes and find ample storage while making a statement with the illuminated Juno mirror. Offer customers the opportunity to lounge and de-stress in the comfy Ariana Chair while they are pampered. This pair is sure to provide a casual atmosphere that’s homely, relaxing and cosy.

Ariana Chair & Luna Workstation with Andria Shampoo Unit

Add an element of luxury to your salon with this stunning pair. The contours of our plush Ariana chair make for a comfortable unwinding occasion while the full-length, illuminated Luna mirror evokes elegance and upstanding taste. Place with lustrous glossy fixtures for a glam result.

Kramer Gold Barber Chair & Zachary Workstation

Update your Barber Shop with our stylish new additions and make your customers feel welcome. With the strong and sturdy Zachary Workstation and luxurious Kramer Gold Chair, you will be sure to provide a unique experience that your clients won’t find anywhere else.