Nuance Italian Colours 100ml

This fabulous range of professional tints has been successfully sold in the Australian market for over 5 years with fantastic results . Nuance is a no frills professional range with eighty two brilliant shades with extremely vibrant hues. Based on ceramides to retain moisture and strenghten hair while processing. Nuance Professional Crema is a blue based formulation, neutralising warm reflects from light tones becomes an easier process allowing for cooler blonde results. A back to basics colour from a scientifically advanced formula

Produced in Italy,






Nuance Contrast is a lift and deposit series of vibrant fashion nuances





Used with 40 vol peroxide it will lift and deposit the reflect, without the requirement for pre bleaching

nuance-6 nuance-11





Draw Hair Color…   100ml

Draw Hair Color is a beautifully creamy Italian colour with eighty two brilliant, vibrant hues. A professessional range that is simple to use, infused with vitamins to retain moisture and to strengthen hair while processing. Draw offers an easy solution, giving the hairdresser the flexibility to achieve warm dark shades and cool light tones. Fo those that want cool dark shades, Draw offers the /2 range to neutralise all red reflect.