Nuance Color Contrast 100ml



Contrast Nuance is an oxidation hair color, created to create streaks with original colors and great brightness. Taking advantage of its lightening and coloring action, it is possible to obtain locks with shades full of reflections and colored light.

It is the ideal product for those who want to amaze with a touch of elegance and extravagance; the four shades available – copper, red copper, deep red and purple – all give a trendy yet refined look.

It takes advantage of the nourishing and protective properties of the lipophilic fruit extracts and, thanks to the amino acids present in the keratin, guarantees brightness and beauty to the hair. The color is stable over time, the hair always protected from external agents. Moreover, thanks to the support of an accurate technical diagnosis, it is possible to avoid the preliminary phase of the discoloration, without giving up a bright and decisive color.

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Copper, Intense Red, Red Copper, Violet