Colour Correction Spray Conditioner

High technology re-conditioner, enriched with noble actives for the maintenance and perfect finishing of blond hair. Hydrolyzed keratin promotes the replacement of the amino acids and lipids, panthenol restores natural humidity, wheat protein strengthens the damaged chains through the action of clarifiers, and the hydrolyzed collagen promotes the elasticity and integrity of the hair fiber. Violet 43 promotes the neutralisation of undesired shades.


  1. Instant toning
  2. Magnetic field
  3. Elasticity control


  1. Protection against damages
  2. Maximum thermal protection
  3. Hair fiber reconstructor
  4. Anti-frizz
  5. Anti-age
  6. Multivitamins
  7. Instant detangler
  8. Extreme force
  9. Extreme shine
  10. Exclusive hydration
  11. Exclusive perfume
  12. Odour neutraliser
  13. Oil-free formula
  14. Free of chemicals
  15. Touch of serum

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300ml, 60ml