Prime Force Field Volume Reducer and Conditioning Mask (Botox)


Force Field Mask is designed to repair, tone and reduce hair volume. It contains a blend of acids and high quality key ingredients such as Murumuru Oil, which promotes antioxidant action and complete nutrition, and Bacaba-açu Oil, a powerful moisturising and emollient agent that forms a protective layer to maintain hydration and sealing of the cuticles.

With innovative ingredients, it provides a reduction in volume and a decrease in frizz, leaving hair healthy with a natural smooth appearance and yet offers colour tone control.

A complete treatment in just 30 minutes!

Contains Violet 43 technology of Italian origin with a blend of pigments with high quality permeate deep into the fibers which neutralises the tones, eliminates undesired tones and increases colour longevity.


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1kg, 80g