Prime Hydra Shampoo Home Care

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Hydra Care Home line was developed to maintain the results of service administered in the salon in protecting against daily external aggressions. Formulated with Seriseal, Panthenol, Ceramides, Silk Proteins, it maintains healthy hair, moisturises and protects. Leaves hair revitalised and silky with intense shine. Its use is of most upmost importance for the longevity of the service administered in the salon.

The Hydra Line was developed to promote moisture balance, replace lost proteins, and nourish and protect the hair. With Sericin, Panthenol, Ceramides and Silk Protein, it disciplines and restores dry hair, reduces porosity and revitalises and restores shine and softness. It is ideal for dehydrated, dry and brittle hair, making it a great choice for post-colouring and post-chemical services.

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